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Hebron Fair and the weekend
Friday. 9.12.03 3:13 pm
Well lets see.. this past weekend was awesome. I don't think I will ever forget how everything happened! Hmm..

On Friday Heather and I had volleyball practice and then we went back to my house to get ready for the dance together! And then Mr. Dipeitro pulled up and we acted like we were gettin arrested. Then we went to the dance! Which was awesome! But sucked when it came to the whole Tim and Joe thing. But whatever. So yea I went to bed kinda early that night.

Saturday: I woke up like at 7 and then walked with Heather to Nate's. So yea I went there and we just hung out. I met his Aunt Amanda and Uncle Billy. His cousin Hailey and his God-Mother. Then we went to his Tae-Kwon-Doe 2nd Degree black belt test. He passed! GOO YOUUUU Babbyyyy! Then we went back to his house and had left over cake. We went back to my house to get clothes and then we all drove up to the campground together. We unpacked and kinda just relaxed. And then we went to the Hebron Fair together. We went off by ourselves and had a blast. We went on this REALLY scary ride, where it flips you over and over and over! LoL. Which was fun! And then we went on another scary ride, it did the same thing basically. And then we played games, and went in the glass house. He won me a VERY cute dog, a sunflower and a tiny clifford stuffed animal. But I gave Hannabal the clifford! hehe And then we played the basketball game. I won a HUGE blue gorrilla and he won a HUGE red bulldog. We sat down and this little girl came over and started to pet the dog so Nate gave her the dog. We went back to the campground around 10. The girls went to sleep and Nate and I were laying on one of the lower bunks together. We were kissing and stuff! yess! hehe

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Sunday. 8.31.03 3:10 pm
Well last night I slept over Heather's house. Wow we were so friggin hyper! And then today we went canoeing in Lake Pocatapog. Which hopefully I am moving too. But it was awesome because it was my mom, me, heather, gary, and my step-brother Cliff. Pretty cool. But yea.. and I guess tonite I might sleepover my grandparents house or try and get someone to go see a movie with me.

We found out on Friday who made the volleyball teams so here's the scoop:
Heather A: JV
Heather W: Fresh
Me: Fresh
Laura Chagba: Fresh
Jackie R: Fresh
Paula A: Fresh
Sarah: JV
and thats all I know for sure.

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Tuesday. 8.26.03 6:29 pm
Wow Today was pretty cool. I mean I got into school and had the assembly thingy with Britty, Katie, MJ and Laalaa. Which was cool. Then I had French [I dont like the teacher tho] and then I went to Science and that was pretty cool! Sami and GArvin are in that class so its like a reunion! [haha] Plus T.J and Nate are in that class. Then I had lunch and I sat with Laalaa and Heather. So after that I found Scooter and we went to my 1st Study hall which was o.k. because I got to talk to Alex and Chris. And then Alex and I walked to our 2nd study hall which was in the Caf. Pretty cool cuz again all of my friends are there! OmG I was there with Naomi and Mark-Ann! WoW I love those two! We were like soo hyper and I had such an awesome day! Ima be a stripper and Mark-Ann is gunna come to my first show! yess! haha Alex you are sucha sweetie! Luv ya hun! Mark-Ann you are the best!

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First Day of School
Monday. 8.25.03 8:27 pm
OmG Today was so totally awesome! I have so many classes with so many awesome people! Plus I got closer to some people from last year and I met so many new people! Then Heather and I stayed after for Volleyball tryouts and I met alot of cool people there! So I guess tomorrow I have Science with Nate and French with Blondie! Aww man thats an amazing day right there! Well I am out so I can get some sleep!

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Last Day of Summer
Sunday. 8.24.03 2:17 pm
Well last night I went to the camp ground with Nate and his family. We got there around 5ish, and we ate dinner with everyone. Then we played football, went to the store, and I talked to Christina from like 8-2 AM.. but it was great cause it was girl talk! LoL. We slept in this morning and then went back to the store. Which was fun, I guess. Christina and Jeremy left at 11ish and Olivia left at 9ish. Hanna fell and cut her hand open so we left and came home around 12. I guess you can say it was fun. But the first time I went was a lot better.

Well, tomorrow is the first day of school! [eek] I am so scared but I can't wait to get back into the routine and see all of my friends! Although this summer was the best one yet! I have so many awesome memories with the girls and the "Kru".. especially with Nate. I guess I have volleyball tomorrow after school which is o.k because then I am walking back to my house with Kyle and we'll prolly play basketball or I will just take a shower or suttin.. In the morning I am walking to Nate's house around like 7:15 and then we are going to meet everyone some where at the school. Well I gotta go get stuff ready for tomorrow!

*Laalaa.. I am wearing "the pants" and a shirt, plus my new shoes. Not the LEI ones but the KSwiss ones. I dont know when ima see you tomorrow so whenever you see me stop me and we can plan when and when your not gunna walk to my house.*

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Kyle's real Birthday
Saturday. 8.23.03 3:06 pm
Well I got up this morning and had nothing to do. I was supposed to go to the beach, but plans fell through. So I got up and all of the guys were at Kyle's football practice. So they walked over to my house to pick me up. So we all [Kyle, Nate, Tom, Me, Scooter, and Dusza] walked like a mile back to Kyle's house so he could take a shower. Then him and Nate played some football game while we were all just like sitting there! Sounds boring but atleast I got to rest a bit! Then we walked up to Filomena's! (haha) You guys seriously have no idea what happens when it is just us. The stuff that happens is so incredibly funny! So yea we chilled up there and ordered our food. [By the way, thanks Tom and Kyle for buying my food] We talked to Mike and Mikey Basile showed up there. Then I walked home around 2.

I guess around 4 I have to walk over to Nate's because his dad is driving us to Lake Williams to go camping for the night! yess! It's going to be so much fun! Camping, swimming, game room, pool, hammick and staying up late. Our last night of summer spent together! Who could ask for anything better? Plus I guess I am going to get to meet his cousins who live in Berlin. Wutever. But I guess you can say that theres a pretty good chance of us lasting a long ass time! I've never loved someone the way I love him. Pretty cool that I've fallin in love at the age of 13 or wutever. But I gotta go spend time with my family before I leave for the night. *Kevy is leaving tomorrow night so hopefully I will get to spend some time with him now or when I get home.*
143 *PineApplez*

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